Creating users (TimeMoto PC Software)

Creating a new user

You can create new users in the TimeMoto PC / PC Plus Software under [Edit] > [User]. Click on “Add” in the top-right corner.

The "Add"-button in the top-right corner

Clicking the “Add” button will create a new user. In the bottom of the screen, you can enter all the relevant user information across the various tabs shown. Add any information you want to add, and click on “Save” when you are done.

Adding relevant information for the new user

The new user is now in the PC Software. Next, we need to synchronize the user to your TimeMoto device.

Synchronizing users to your device

Depending on how your device is connected to the PC Software, there a different ways to synchronize your users to your TimeMoto device. 

If you use a USB drive to transfer data between your device and the software, follow the steps in the following article to synchronise your new user to the device:

If your device is connected by LAN or WiFi, select [Edit] > [Device] in your software. Select your device, and click on “Synchronize”.

The "Synchronize"-button

A window appears. You should see the ID of the new user, and in the column “kind” it should say “DB only”. In the column “Resolution”, double-click on “Do nothing” and select “PC > TM”. Then, click anywhere else so that “PC > TM” is no longer highlighted. Finally, click on “Commit” in the top-right.

The "Commit"-button to finalize user synchronisation

The user is now synchronized to the device. You can now register RFID cards and / or fingerprints on the device, and the user can start clocking at the device. 

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