Absence Management (TimeMoto Cloud Plus)

Before we start scheduling absences, we advise reviewing your absence management settings. Under [Planner] > [Absence Management], you can find these settings.

The Absence Management


Under “General”, you can decide if your absences are calculated in hours or days. If you choose that absences are calculated in days you will also have to indicate how many hours a day is. Alternatively, you can set this within a work schedule.

Absence Types

Under “Absence Types”, you can define any kinds of absence you want to schedule. By default, a TimeMoto Cloud account includes the following absences:

  • Bank holiday
  • Sickness
  • Unpaid Leave
  • Vacation

Each kind of absence also uses a Type, which defines the behavior of the absence. We differentiate between three different Types:

  • Paid: if you schedule a paid absence, the scheduled work time will be considered paid. For example, an employee is scheduled to work 8 hours. You schedule a paid absence for the entire 8 hours. Those 8 hours will be considered paid work time. Examples of paid absences are sickness or parental leave.
  • Unpaid: scheduling an unpaid absence will cause the scheduled work time to be considered as unpaid time. For example, an employee is scheduled to work 8 hours. You schedule 8 hours of unpaid absence. Those 8 hours will not be paid. Examples of unpaid absences are unpaid vacation.
  • Vacation: absences with the vacation Type will deduct the scheduled duration from the vacation balance of the user. For example, you schedule 8 hours of vacation. This will deduct 8 hours of vacation from the user’s vacation balance. 

If you want to remove an absence type, click on the “X” to the right of it. If you want to add a new absence type, click on the “+” on the top. 

When adding a new kind of absence, you will have to give it a name, a short description, and select one of the Types described above. Click on “Save” to save your new absence.

Bank Holidays

Under “Bank Holidays”, you can pick which region’s bank holidays are used for your company. Select an option from the drop-down menu “Region”, and select under “Absence Type” which kind of absence should be used for the bank holidays. The bank holidays for that region will then be loaded into your Planning.


Under “Breaks”, you can indicate if breaks taken using the “Break” and “Return” clocking state are deducted or not deducted from the work time.

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