Add location (TimeMoto Cloud)

In TimeMoto Cloud you can designate a location or multiple locations to a particular user. The user data will only be transferred to the device(s) that have been set to the same location. We have an article on the core relationship between [User Location] and [Device Location].

Go to [Settings] and select [General]. You will see your company information. On the left, select [Locations] from the menu.

General Settings Page TimeMoto Cloud

Click on the [+] at the top of the far-right column of the page to add a new location.

Adding a new Location

Give the location a name and description. You can set the location using the in-app Google maps locator.

If the location has a different bank holiday setting, you can override the company default here.

Click save to save your new location. This location can now be assigned to a device and/or certain users.
New Location is added to the System

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