Adding a RFID tag (TimeMoto Cloud)

You can add an RFID card or key-fob to an employee by using the RF-150 RFID Reader or via the TimeMoto device itself. Alternatively, you can manually enter the number of your RFID card into the TimeMoto Cloud but this is not possible with the key-fobs.

Go to [Settings] and select [Users], to open the user page. Select the user you want to asign the RFID card or key-fob to.

User Section in TimeMoto Cloud

On the left-side bar, click on [TA Device].

Enter the RFID Number

Select the field [RFID no].

Using the TimeMoto RF-150

Swipe the card or key-fob over the TimeMoto RF-150. The RFID number of the card or key-fob will be automatically entered into the field.

Manually entering the RFID number

You can manually enter the RFID number of a card by typing in the numbers which are shown on the back of the card. If you want to add a key-fob you need to register the number by using your terminal or the RF-150.

The following article provides instructions on how to register RFID cards and key-fobs on your device.

Further actions

After you have registered the RFID card or key-fob, click on the [Save] button to save the RFID number. The change will automatically update the TimeMoto device.

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