Cannot Connect to TimeMoto Cloud

When you just have registered your device and connect the device to your TImeMoto account it could be, that the device won't connect to our server. This article should help you troubleshoot the problem.

Network Settings

Is it now with a LAN connection or Wi-Fi connection, please make sure you have defined your Default Gateway in the network setting. If you are using DHCP, your DHCP server should given all necessary addresses to the device.

In case you use a  static IP address, ensure the following:
  • The IP address of the device is not used by another device
  • The Subnet Mask is the same used within your network
  • The default gateway is set, so the device can communicate outside of your network.
  • No restricted policy applies to the IP address given to the device (for example, is allowed to communicate outside of your network or is not blocked by a firewall).
We recommend to use DHCP to test the cloud connection. If the device connects to cloud, after switching to DHCP, it could be an internal policy that is blocking the traffic.

If no address is given, when selecting the DHCP option, make sure you have plugged in a network cable into your TimeMoto device, if you are connected to the Wi-Fi or if you company supports DHCP requests.

Cloud address

Please make sure that the Address to the TimeMoto Cloud is correct. Go into the [Menu] - [System Settings] -  [Network] - [ADMS]. The Cloud settings should be shown as bellow:
Correct Cloud settings

In case you are using a proxy server for you internet connection, set up you Proxy Server as well.

Serial Number

Make sure the Serial Number you have entered is the same as the device as seen on you device. The Serial Number of the device can be seen in the Menu - [System Info] - [Device Info].
If the serial number is not the same, please correct it in the cloud.

Internal Device Problem

In some occassions, the internal programm of the device, that is responsible for the cloud connection is not started or the Encryption handshake failed. Please Reboot your device.
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