Changing the PIN code for your terminal in TimeMoto Cloud

An employee can clock in/out of the TimeMoto device with an ID number and PIN code. When a new user is created, the default PIN code is always 0 (zero). You can change the PIN code by going to the user profile within TimeMoto Cloud.

Go to [Settings] and select [Users]. Select the user for which the PIN code needs to be adjusted.

User Section in TimeMoto Cloud

On the left side bar, click on [TA Device] and click on the [Change PIN] Button.

Enter New Device Password

Enter a numeric PIN number that is at least 4 digits long and has a maximum of 8 digits.

Click on the [Save] button to save the new PIN. The change will automatically update the TimeMoto device.

Please Note: The PIN code is used only to verify a user on the device. Changing the PIN code is not the same as changing the password for a TimeMoto Cloud account.

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