Checking your worked time (TimeMoto Cloud)

There are various ways for your employees to check their worked time. In this article, we explain the different methods through which users can check their worked time.

Checking your worked time on a TimeMoto device

Employees can check their worked time on the TimeMoto device:

  • Press [Menu] on the device.
  • Use the identification method of your choice (ID and PIN, RFID, fingerprint, or face)

You will now see the worked time of today, this week, last week, and this month so far. 

If you are a Supervisor, and you want to check your worked time on the TimeMoto device, you will have to proceed as following:

  • Press the [Menu]-button and log in as a Supervisor.
  • In the device menu, select [System Settings] > [Worktime]

You can now see the worked time on the screen, with the same information a regular user would see when they check their worked time on the device.

The worked time shown on the TimeMoto device uses the attendance data present on the device to calculate the total worked time. It does not include any automatically deducted breaks from work schedules used in the TimeMoto PC / PC Plus Software or the Cloud. 

If you use the TimeMoto PC / PC Plus Software, the worked time calculation will also only use attendance data from the device you are checking the worked time on. It will not take attendance data from other TimeMoto devices connected to the TimeMoto PC / PC Plus Software into consideration. Furthermore, it does also not include any attendance data changed or added in the TimeMoto PC / PC Plus Software in the calculation.

Checking your worked time in the TimeMoto Cloud

If users have the authorisation to log in to the TimeMoto Cloud, they can also check their worked time from their web browser.

Users can log in on using their e-mail address and passwords. Once logged in, they can select [Report] > [Summary] or [Report] > [Timesheet] to see their worked time. Using the filters on the left, you can define which period you want to see you.

Checking your worked time in the TimeMoto app

If users have authorisation to use the TimeMoto app, they can also see their worked time in the TimeMoto app.

Users can log in to the app, and see their attendance data under the “Events”, “Timer”, and “Reports” option.

  • Under the “Events” option, users can see their individual clocking actions.
  • Under “Timer”, users can see for how long they have already been clocked in. The timer starts counting from the last clock-in, and stops counting when the user clocks out.
  • Under “Reports”, user see a summary of all the attendance data within a specified period.

If you want to learn more about the TimeMoto app, please see the following article:

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