Grant your employees access to TimeMoto Cloud

You can grant your employees access to the TimeMoto Cloud website in order to view their own clocking data. Providing them with read-only access allows them to only view their own data without being able to change it. They will have no access to any other user data.

Go to [Settings] > [Users] to visit the user section and select the employee you wish to grant access to the TimeMoto Cloud website.
User Section in TimeMoto Cloud

Go to [General] on the left-hand menu and enter a valid e-mail address for the employee that you want to grant access. After completion the employee will receive an activation email.
Entering the Email address in the user profile

After entering the email address, go to the [Authorization] tab on the left and tick the [] box.
Checking the checkbox and save your changes.

Next, save your changes by pressing the [Save] button. The employee will receive an activation e-mail to confirm their account and will be prompted to create a password.


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