Importing Users From TA/TimeMoto PC Software to TimeMoto Cloud

When switching to TimeMoto Cloud, it is possible to import users from the TA/TimeMoto PC Software. In this article, you learn what you need to keep in mind to ensure that this process runs smoothly.

Step 1: Export User List

In the PC Software, select [Edit] > [User] and set the filter to show all of your users. The list must at least contain the following information:

  • ID
  • User name
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Privilege
  • Status

(If some of this information is not appearing in your User list, right-click on the top row and tick the missing data.)

 Click on [Export] in the upper right corner, and export the users as an Excel file.

Click on "Export" to open the Export window

Click here on "Export" to export the users.

Step 2: Contact Support for Data Import

Send the exported Excel file to Mention in your e-mail the company name under which you use the Cloud and the e-mail address of the administrator. We will then import the users into the Cloud and notify you once this process is complete.

Note: Users can only be imported, when the User list in TimeMoto Cloud is completely empty. Make sure that you have not connected your TimeMoto Clock to your Cloud yet, as it would already synchronize with the clocking data and create User IDs in TimeMoto Cloud!

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