Managing attendance data (TimeMoto Cloud)

Any clocking actions made by your employees in the TimeMoto Cloud can be managed from within the Cloud. In this article, we explain how to manage the attendance data in the TimeMoto Cloud by using the Timesheet and Event Report.

Managing attendance in the Timesheet Report

Under [Reports] > [Timesheet], you can manage the data per day. Use the filters on the left-hand side of the screen, to show the relevant data.

The Timesheet Report

Then, click on a day in the report. This will show you all the separate attendance logs on that day.

The attendance logs on a specific day

You can change the time, the type of clocking action (In, Out, Break, Return etc.), add comments, or modify any of the other fields visible. 

Example: One of your employees has accidentally clocked out when they wanted to clock in. In the Timesheet Report, you select the day on which this happened. You then change the state of the “Out”-clocking to “In” by clicking on the relevant data entry, making the necessary changes and as the final step, clicking on “Save”.

Changing attendance data

If you want to add a new clocking action, click on the “+”-symbol next to any existing clocking action. A new row will appear, in which you can make the necessary adjustments. When you add new clocking data, it will initially be set to “Ignored” under “In/Out”. Select the desired status from the drop-down list. 

Example: One of your employees has simply forgotten to clock out. In the Timesheet Report, you select the day, and click on the “+” symbol next to an existing entry. You enter the time the employee should have clocked out (for example, 17:30) and under “In/Out”, you select the status “Out”.

Adding attendance data

In order to safeguard the integrity of the TimeMoto Cloud, you cannot delete clocking data. If you want to ignore clocking data so that it is not used for any calculations, select the state “Ignored” under “In/Out”. 

To save any changes made, click on the “Save”-button. If you do not want to save your changes, click on the “Cancel”-button. 

Managing attendance in the Event Report

Under [Reports] > [Events], you will see all the clocking data for a user within a specific time frame. On the left-hand side, you can set filters to decide which clocking data you want to see.

The Events page

In the Event Report, you can click on an entry, should you want to edit it.

In the Event Report, you also see if and when an entry was modified for the last time and by which Manager or Supervisor. This way, you can always see if someone has modified an entry.

Information about recent updates

You can add a new entry in one of two ways. You can click on the “+” symbol on top of the Report, or you can click on the small “+” symbol next to an existing entry. This will add a new entry.

Adding new entries
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