Managing Bank Holidays (TimeMoto Cloud Plus)

TimeMoto Cloud uses an open platform to gather the bank holidays of different countries and regions. You can load the specific bank holidays for your country/region.

To load the Bank Holidays, go to [Planner] > [Absence Management].
Accessing the Absence Management in the TimeMoto Cloud Plus

Once in [Absence Management], click on "Bank Holidays" from the left-side menu. Select your region and also the "Absence Type" which will allow you to select how a bank holiday should be quantified. By default, TimeMoto Cloud will set bank holidays as paid absence.
Bank holiday settings

Once you have saved your selection, the cloud will load the bank holidays into the system automatically. On the [Planning] page and the [Timesheet], you will see the bank holidays loaded on the specified days.
If an employee normally has to work on that day and you have defined a bank holiday as a paid absence, the hours will be substituted and will not be calculated as negative working time.
Bank holidays in the Planning

To reiterate, we use an open platform to gather the bank holiday data. If we have added an incorrect bank holiday for your region or there is a bank holiday missing, please contact customer service.

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