Planning options (TimeMoto Cloud Plus)

Under [Planner] > [Planning], you can add work schedules and planned absences for your employees. You can also add variable shift plans. Double-click a day to see the Planning options.
There are three different options available.
Work schedule selection when adding a new planning

Under "Schedule", you can add work schedules into the Planning section for the user. You can select from any of the work schedules you have created under [Planner] > [Schedules]. You can also choose if the chosen work schedule applies for just the selected day or for a longer period.
Working time when adding a new planning

Under the "Work" tab, you can quickly enter scheduled work time for a specific day, and optionally define recurrence and duration. This option is ideal if you wish to enter a certain work time without having to create a separate work schedule. This way, you can also enter variable shifts.

You cannot enter any breaks when using the “Work” tab option. Please be aware that the start and end time will define the total amount of planned work time.
As an example, if you set a start date on 2-7-2018 at 8:00 and an end date on 6-7-2018 at 17:30, you will schedule a total of 105:30 hours. You will not schedule 9:30 hours per day.
Absences when adding a new planning

The "Absence" option allows you to schedule both paid and unpaid absences. If the user already has a work schedule assigned to them, TimeMoto will consider the scheduled amount of hours for the absence. You can also define the exact amount of absence time using this option.


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