Projects (TimeMoto Cloud)

You can use Projects in the TimeMoto Cloud to track the amount of time an employee has worked for a certain task or project. 

In this article, we explain how to create Projects in the TimeMoto Cloud, and which options you have when configuring Projects.

Creating and managing Projects

You can create and manage Projects in the TimeMoto Cloud under [Settings] > [Projects]. If you already have Projects in your Cloud, you will see a list of all the available Projects. On the left side, you can search for specific Projects.

The Project list

If you want to create a new Project, click on the green “+” symbol. 

When creating a Project, you have to enter the following information

  • Name: Give the Project a clear name, so that all users know what this Project is used for
  • ID: Provide the Project with an ID. Users can use this ID to search for a Project on a TimeMoto device.
  • Description: enter a short description of what this Project will be used for. This description is only visible in the Cloud’s Project list under [Settings] > [Project]. This field is optional.
  • In/Out State: select if this Project will be used to clock in or clock out.
  • Customer: enter if this Project is for a specific customer of your company. This field is optional.

You can also define the scope of the Project. The scope defines which users can see the Project and can thus clock their working time in it. 

If you tick the box next to “Scope”, you will make the Project visible for all users. You can also limit the scope of the project in a way that it is only visible for users within a specific department, or just for specific users. Click the arrows next to the boxes to unfold, and select for which departments and / or users this Project should be visible.

Click on “Save” once you have set up the Project in a way you need it. 

Synchronising projects 

Projects are automatically synchronised to any TimeMoto device connected to your Cloud. Keep in mind if you have limited the scope of the Project to a specific department and / or specific users, the Project will not be visible on the device to anyone outside of the scope of the project.

If you want to know more about how to clock Projects on a TimeMoto device, please see the following article:

Project Report

In the TimeMoto Cloud, you can generate reports on how much time employees have worked under specific Project. You can create these reports in the TimeMoto Cloud under [Reports] > [Project Report].

The Project Report

On the left side, you can set your filters. For example, you can use these filters to see the time employees spent working under a specific Project, or to see under which Projects a specific employee has worked in the last month. 

Once you have set your filters, the Project Report will show you how many hours have been worked under the selected Projects.

You can mail, print, or export the Project Report with the buttons on the bottom left of the screen.
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