Recurrence Rule in Planning (TimeMoto Cloud Plus)

In the planning section it is possible to repeat certain Work schedule, Work Time or Absences, without entering them manually on a daily basis. This feature is only available if you have the TimeMoto Cloud Plus subscription.
Go to [Planner] > [Planning]

Once in the Planning section, you can select the user and time range to start planning. By default the Planning section will open the current month, current week or current day, depending on your last visited preferences.
Double-click on a day to start planning

By double click on the first day a Shift or Absence starts, a new windows will open, where you can select a pre defined work schedule, working time or absence.

Explanation of the different tabs:
When adding a new piece of planning you will have the option to choose between 3 tabs.
Work schedule selection when adding a new planning

The first tab on the left is the work schedule section. Any work schedules that you have previously created will be visible. If you want to create a new work schedule, please go to [Planner] > [Schedules]. If you need any assistance, please visit our article where we explain on how to set up a new work schedule.
Working time when adding a new planning

Within the middle tab, you can define working time only by entering a start and end time. Please note that it is not possible to include breaks using this tab. You can only enter the specific amount of hours an employee has to work. Please ensure that you enter the date parameters correctly.
For example: if you were to enter the value 02-07-2018 8:00 AM until 06-07-2018 5:30 PM, your staff will be scheduled to work 105.5 hours for that week.
It is recommended to add hours for a shorter period of time to prevent the need to create an additional work schedule for your employee.
Absences when adding a new planning

On the right-hand side you can plan employee absences. You can add absences that are both paid and unpaid as well as vacations (annual leave). If a work schedule is already assigned to a user, TimeMoto will automatically calculate the amount of hours from the work schedule as absence. This can be amended manually if necessary.

Recurrence Rule:
As we now know the basics of the Planning section we can begin entering some planning data for your employees.

Using a Work Schedule
For this example, we are going to plan a morning and night shift for an employee that alternates every 2 weeks. On the first week, the employee will work the morning shift. On the second week, the employee will work the night shift. For the sake of this example, the work schedules have already been created.
Recurrence rule every 2 weeks

Go to the [Schedule] tab and select the night shift. Change the "Recurrence" to "Weekly".
Additional options will be available.

The "Repeat Every" option allows you to set how often the work schedule should repeat itself. For example, if this is set to 1, the work schedule will repeat itself every week. If set to 2, every 2 weeks, etc.

The "Repeat On" option allows you to define on which days the work schedule should apply. For example, you can define that the work schedule is valid from Monday until Friday.

The "End" option allows you to set the expiration date of the work schedule. There are 3 options to choose from. You can set the work schedule to be on-going, only for a certain amount of reccurrence(s) or to end on a certain date. Please note that if you use the recurrence option, each entry for a day is seen as a reccurrence not a week.

After clicking the save button, you will see that the night shift is planned on every second week.
Planning the night shift every 2 weeks

Repeat the same for the first week with the morning shift. Once complete, you will see the alternate weeks within the employees' planning.
Employee with a bi-weekly shift

Using an Absence
The same rules for adding a recurring work schedule will apply when planning an absence. A blank area of the employees' planning will need to be selected before you will be able to add a piece of absence. If a work schedule is already planned on this day, you can double-click on it and over-write it with the absence data.

When you double-click on a work schedule you have entered in the planning section, you will be taken to an edit mode. If you double-click the work schedule you have saved at the user section, it will take the hours from the work schedule as absence hours by default and will add it above the work schedule.
Adding absence with recurrence

After entering all the details of the absence, you can save it.
Succesful absence with work schedule

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