Scheduling absence (TimeMoto Cloud Plus)

If you want to schedule absence for your users, you can do so under [Planner] > [Planning].

In this view, you can double-click on a day. A new window will appear, in which you can select "Absence". Here, you can define the parameters of your Absence.

The Absence screen in TimeMoto
  • Type: select the type of absence 
  • Full day(s): if you want to have this absence last for a full day, you can check this box. You can then also indicate how many hours should be calculated for this. 
  • Start/End: define the start and end date of the absence. 
  • RecurrentRule: if you select "Weekly", you can define the recurrence rules for this absence. In this way, you can define that an absence should only occur on certain days of the week, or only for a certain amount of weeks. 
You can confirm your scheduling by clicking "Save".

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