Setting up a Manager (TimeMoto Cloud)

Within TimeMoto Cloud it is possible to assign a manager to a group of employees within a department or location. Please follow the steps below to set up a manager.

Creating a Manager

Go to [Settings] > [Users] and select the employee that you want to assign the role of manager. Select [Company] from the left-side menu and select [Manager] from the [Privilege] drop-down box. You can assign the manager to manage a certain department and/or location. A manager can be assigned to manage employees from multiple locations and departments if needed via the [Managed Dep] and [Managed Loc] drop-down boxes.
Company Settings for Managers

Department Management Only

If a manager is only assigned to manage one or more departments, the manager will manage those departments regardless of the location of the employees. For example, if the departments are spread out over two offices, the manager can still manage the different departments.
Manage a Department regardless the location

Location Management Only

If a manager is only assigned to manage one or more locations, the manager will manage those locations regardless of the departments the employees are assigned to. For example, if there are multiple departments within the assigned location, the manager can manage all the departments within that location.
Manage a Location regardless the Department

Combined Department and Location Management

A manager can also be assigned to multiple locations and departments. In this case the manager can only manage the employees from the assigned department within the assigned location.
Manage a Department on a certain location

Read Only Option

If you want the manager to only be able to view employee data but not make amendments, you can select the "Read-Only" option within their profile. This option gives the manager the ability to see all employee data without being able to edit or adjust it.
Read-Only mode with Manager Rights.

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