Synchronizing project codes from the TimeMoto Cloud to your time clock system

If you use a TM device, projects created in the Cloud will automatically synchronize to your TM devices. From there, users can clock in using them. 
If you use a TA-8000 series device, projects need to be manually created on the device and in the Cloud. We advise the following procedure: 

  • Create the project on the TA-8000 series device. To do so, open the menu on the device and select [Work codes] > [New Work Code]. 
  • Create the project, and note the ID it is created under.
  • Go to the TimeMoto Cloud, and select [Settings] > [Projects]. Create a new project with the same ID and name of the project on the device.
  • In the Scope section, select the users that are allowed to use that project code.
  • Click [Save] to save the new project.
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