Using the TimeMoto smartphone app

When using the TimeMoto Cloud, you and your users can use the TimeMoto smartphone app. The TimeMoto app allows you to check worked time, and to clock from anywhere at any time.

In this article, we will explain how to install and use the TimeMoto app on your smartphone.

Installing the TimeMoto App

The TimeMoto app can be found on Google Play and the Apple App Store. This means the TimeMoto app is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Simply download the TimeMoto app from Google Play or the Apple App Store, and install it on your smartphone.


Accessing the TimeMoto App

Start the TimeMoto app on your smartphone. When you start it for the first time, you will have to log in with your e-mail address and password. These are the same e-mail address and password you use to log in to the TimeMoto Cloud on

In order for a user to be able to log in on the TimeMoto app, you will have to grant them permission to do so. If you want to learn more about authorising users to use the TimeMoto Cloud and app, please see the following article:

Granting users access to TimeMoto Cloud and / or the TimeMoto mobile app

Using the TimeMoto App

After logging in to the TimeMoto app, you will see the icons for the main options at the bottom of the screen:

Icons in the app



The information under “Attendance” is only visible to Supervisors and Managers. Under “Attendance”, Supervisors and Managers can see the current presence of users. The screen shows if a user’s last clocking action was “In” or “Out”. You can also see the time when the last clocking action was performed.


Under “Events”, you can see the clocking actions of yourself or any user you manage (as Supervisor or Manager). Click on “Filters” at the top-left to select the time range you wish to see data, or to only see clocking actions of a specific type. 

Supervisors and Managers can also set filters to only see data of specific users they manage. Furthermore, Supervisors and Managers can click on “Add” in the top-right corner of the screen to manually add a clocking action for a user they manage. You can select, for each user, the type of clocking action and Project you wish to add as well as add a comment to the clocking action.


Under “Timer”, users can see how much time has past since their last clock-in action. Users can either start or stop their working time with the Timer. 

When starting or stopping work time through the Timer, users will have to confirm their location and that they are sure they want to start / stop the Timer. 

Every time the Timer is started, an “In” clocking action is generated and sent to the Cloud. Every time the Timer is stopped, an “Out” clocking action is generated and sent to the Cloud. 

On the Timer screen users can also swipe to manually add clocking times. Users can indicate how much time they have worked and, if necessary, they can also select a Project and add a comment to their worked time.


Under “Reports”, you can see the clocking actions per day over a specified time-frame. Under “Filters” in the top-left corner, you can select over which period you want to see a report. If you are a Supervisor or Manager, you can also select for which user you want to generate a report.


Under “Settings”, you can set the TimeMoto app to keep you logged-in even after you close the app. Check the box next to “Keep me logged in” if you wish to activate this option.

If the location you are clocking from with the Timer function is unknown in your TimeMoto Cloud, you can select to create a new location. Check the box next to “Add location if not existing?” if you wish to activate this option.

Finally, there is also the “Logout” button which allows you to log out of the TimeMoto app. 

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