I have an older Safescan Time Attendance terminal of the TA-8000, TA-900, TA-800 or TA-600 series – is it GDPR compliant?

The Safescan TA-8000, TA-900, TA-800, TA-600 series terminal (from left to right)

Before introducing the new TimeMoto product suite, the Safescan clock-in terminals and software were sold under the Safescan brand. Four series of time attendance clocks have been introduced under the Safescan brand: the TA-8000 TA-900, TA-800 and TA-600 (see pictures above). The terminals themselves are fully GDPR compliant. If you use the terminals in combination with our latest PC software (version TM 1.0.3. and up) or the TM Cloud solution, the entire solution is GDPR compliant. 

To check what PC software version you are using, proceed as follows: 
  • Open the PC Software
  • Click HELP in the top menu bar
  • Click on ABOUT in the pull down menu that appears after clicking on HELP
  • You now can see which version you are using (starts with TA xxx or TM xxx)
Checking the PC software version.

If you have a PC software versions lower than TM 1.0.3 or beginning with TA x.x.x, you need to update your PC software to be GDPR compliant.

I have a PC software version starting with TA-xxx
If your PC software starts with TA x.x.x you can purchase the latest version of the TM PC software license in our webshop. Switching from TA to TM PC software is easy, without any loss of data. Read more about switching from TA to TM PC software here.

I have a PC software version lower than TM 1.0.3.
If you already have TM PC Software with a version number lower than TM 1.0.3., a notification to update your software will show. Updating your existing TM software license is free. Follow the instructions for this easy process, and you will have the latest TM PC software installed in no time.

PC software notifying for new version available.

I use TM Cloud software
If you use your TA terminals in combination with TM Cloud software, you are all good and GDPR compliant. No actions to take!


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