Activating the Safescan TA software

 To activate your TA/ TA+ software, go to: (see the voucher included in the retail box of your Safescan TA terminal).
 You will need to have a Safescan account. If you already have one, login to your existing Safescan Account. If you don't have a Safescan account, please create one on the Safescan website, it only takes a few minutes.
 When you are on the page: To activate your Safescan TA software, select the model number of your time attendance system and enter the serial number of your device. Both the model and serial number can be found on the label located on the back of your clocking in system.
 After finishing the activation process you will receive an e-mail with the activated license key for your version of the Safescan TA software.
 You will find more details regarding the activation process in the software manual.
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