"Authentication failure" displayed on device (TimeMoto Time Clock Systems)

If your device shows "Authentication Failure" on the display, the device is unable to perform certain internal checks.
The Authentication failure

Restart your TimeMoto device by removing the power plug, and plugging it back in. You do not lose any data if you restart the device in this way.
If you do no longer see "Authentication Failure" on the display, your device is working properly again.

Should the message still be displayed after restarting the device, or your device does no longer start properly, your device requires repair. Please check our website to receive further information about the repair procedure.

If your TimeMoto device still starts properly, but shows the “Authentication Failure” after a while, you can fix this problem without sending the device in. For this, you will need a FAT32-formatted USB drive. Also, your device must be updated to the latest firmware version. You find more information on finding your firmware version and updating your devices in the following articles:

First, plug the USB drive into your computer. On the USB drive, create an empty folder called DeleteLicense (the name is case sensitive). Remove the USB drive from your computer.

The DeleteLicense folder on the USB drive

Shut down your TimeMoto device, and plug in the USB drive. Start the device, and wait until you see the main screen. The main screen is the screen that shows you date and time. Once you see the main screen, remove the USB drive from the TimeMoto device. 

You should now no longer see the “Authentication failure” message appear on your TimeMoto device’s screen. If you want to, you can remove the “DeleteLicense” folder from your USB drive.

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