Clocking Sequences

The correct order of the clocking actions is essential for a proper timekeeping. To avoid unnecessary errors, you can also set a fixed clocking sequence on your TimeMoto Clock. This will prompt a specific clocking action on the time clock depending on the last action that has been carried out by the employee.

  • Open the [Menu] of your TimeMoto Clock.
  • Select [System Settings].
  • Select [Attendance].
  • Go to [Clocking Sequence].
  • There you can choose between three different clocking sequences:

In - Out

This is the most basic clocking sequence. Choose this if you only want to clock in and out in alternation.

In - Break - Return - Out

This clocking sequence interrupts every in/out clocking with a break. This includes only one break!


Select this clocking sequence if you generally want to select which clocking action is to be carried out on the time clock. This is useful, for example, if you want to clock several breaks per day.

Note: Clocking sequences determine the order of clocking actions for every employee using the time clock and cannot be set individually. An employee can adjust their clocking action (for example, changing "In" to "Out") by pressing on the [^]-button on the device and selecting the correct clocking action after they identified themselves at the time clock.
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