Firmware Update 3.1

The latest firmware update for our TM-600 and TM-800 series. Firmware version 3.1 includes the following improvements:

Improved clocking sequence

With the firmware version 3.1, we offer more options when it comes to the clocking sequence. Next to selecting to use a “In > Out” or “In > Break > Return > Out” sequence, you can also now select the “Manual” sequence. When using the “Manual” sequence, users can select their clocking status manually as soon as they clock. 

Improved clocking with project codes

In firmware version 3.1, you do no longer have to clock out or clock a break with a project code when “Project Required” is enabled on the device. This makes clocking projects on the device easier and more intuitive.

Improved device security

Firmware version 3.1 fixes a security vulnerability in the TM devices. This guarantees that your data and device settings are well protected.

Device health page

If your TimeMoto device is connected by WiFi or LAN, firmware version 3.1 allows you to open a device health page through your web browser. This page gives you a quick overview of your device’s status, and helps us to support you more efficiently. 


Updating your device

With our update instructions, it is easy to update your TimeMoto device to the latest firmware version. First, make sure you know your device type. The following article helps you identifying what kind of TimeMoto device you use:

Once you know if you are using either a TM-600 series or a TM-800 series device, use the corresponding article linked below to guide you through the update procedure:

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