How to identify your device type

When updating your TimeMoto device, it is important to make sure you use the right update for your device. In this article, we show you how to identify your device type.

In the TimeMoto device range, we differentiate between devices from the TM-600 series and TM-800 series. Each series uses their own firmware updates, and it is important that you only use the firmware update made for your device series when updating your device.

The TM-600 series includes the TM-616 and TM-626. The TM-800 series includes the TM-818, TM-828, and TM-838.

Your device type is mentioned on the original packaging of the device. You can find it on the side and back of the packaging.

Device type on the side of the original packaging

Your device type is also mentioned on the back of your device. You find it below the barcode and serial number, next to the term “Model”.

Device type is shown next to "Model" on the back of your device

You can also identify your device type by how the buttons on the device’s front are designed. TM-600 series devices have actual buttons, while the TM-800 series has a keyboard using touch-sense keys.

On the left, a TM-600 series device with buttons. On the right, a TM-800 series device with touch-sense keys

In your device’s menu, you can also see the device type. Open the [Menu] on the device, and select [System Info] > [Device Info]. Under “Device Name”, you see your device type. 

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