Installing your TimeMoto device (TimeMoto Time Clock Systems)

Before configuring your TimeMoto device, we suggest installing the device and plugging it in.
Attaching the mount to the wall

Please attach the device mount to the wall as shown above.
Connecting the plug and network cable (optional) to the device

If you want to connect your device by network / LAN cable, attach the network cable together with the power plug.
Mounting the device

Mount the device a shown above.
Placing the screws

Place the screws into the mount and the device.
Plugging in the device

Put the power plug into a power outlet. The device will now power on, turning on the temporary Wi-Fi hotspot which will be used during the setup of the device.
The welcome screen of the device

On the welcome screen, you see "SSID: TimeMoto-" followed by six digits. These six digits equal the six last digits of the device's serial number.

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