Managing data on TimeMoto device

You can manage the data stored on the TimeMoto device. In order to manage data on your device, proceed as following:

  • Open the [Menu] on your device
  • Select [Data Management] and press [OK]

Delete Data

Under “Delete Data”, you find all options related to deleting data from your device. 

Delete Attendance Data

Since the TimeMoto devices have limited storage capacity, it might be necessary to remove attendance data from the device. Under “Delete Attendance Data”, you can select to either delete all attendance data, or to delete data from within a certain time range. See the following article for more information on how to delete data from the TimeMoto device:

Important: before deleting attendance data, make sure that the attendance data has already been synchronised to the TimeMoto PC / PC Plus Software or TimeMoto Cloud. Removing attendance data from the device cannot be undone.

Delete All Data

Select “Delete All Data” if you want to remove all data from the device. See the following article for more information on what will be deleted from the device:

Delete Admin Role

Selecting “Delete Admin Role” will set all Supervisors on the TimeMoto device to regular users. 

Delete Backup Data

If you have backup data stored on the TimeMoto device, you can select “Delete Backup Data” to delete the backup data stored on the TimeMoto device.

Backup Data

You can create backups of your device settings, which can be saved on the device or a USB drive. Under “Backup Data”, you can select if you want to create a backup on the TM device, or on a USB drive. 

If you select one of these two options, you will see the backup options.

“Backup Content” allows you to define what you want to back up:

  • Business Data includes all the user, attendance, and project data stored on the device
  • System Data includes all system settings, like network settings, volume or language settings

Selecting “Backup Notes” allows you to make a note for this backup. You might want to document the date of the backup, or the reason for making the backup.

Once you are ready to start the backup, select “Backup start”. Depending on your earlier choice, the backup will be stored on your device or on the USB drive.

Restore data

Select “Restore data” to restore the backup data saved on your TM device or USB drive. You can also then select if you want to restore business, system, or both types of data.

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