The device is slow in recognizing fingerprints / does not recognize fingerprints (TimeMoto Time Clock Systems)

Our TM-626 and TM-828 (SC) have a fingerprint sensor that allows employees to check in and out at the touch of a finger.
In some cases, this sensor may not work properly. Quick advice is needed! Below you will find possibilities that could help you to find a quick solution:


Light, humidity conditions and dirt on the fingerprint sensor may have an impact on the performance of the fingerprint reader. We advise you to regularly clean the fingerprint sensor and advise your users to use it with clean fingers.

Increase Sensitivity

Should fingerprints only be recognized slowly or not at all, even after cleaning the sensor, we suggest increasing the sensitivity of the sensor.
Open the [Menu] and select [System Settings] > [Fingerprint] > [FP Sensor Sensitivity]. Select the option “High”.


Fingerprint Profile

Also make sure that the user's fingers have enough profile to be read and are dry and intact. Aggressive cleaning agents or injuries can affect the profile of the fingerprint.

Self Test

You can find out whether the sensor itself functions correctly by performing a self-test on the device. In the device menu, go to [System Settings] > [Self Test] > [Test FP Sensor].
You will then see a white rectangle on your display. If you now place your finger on the sensor, you should be able to see your fingerprint clearly in the white rectangle. 
If you can see black spots in the white rectangle, we recommend cleaning the sensor. If you do not see a white rectangle at all, or some parts of the rectangle are completely white, then the sensor is defective. The device must then be sent in for repair. Information about a return request can be found on our website.
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