Setting up your TimeMoto Time Clock System

Plugging in & starting setup

Unpack your TimeMoto device, connect the jack at the end of the chord of the included power adapter to the device, and then plug the power adapter into a power outlet. After a few moments, the device will start and show the welcome screen.

The box of your TimeMoto device contains the Quick Installation Guide. This guide helps you to quickly set-up your device with visual instructions and contains more detailed instructions in various languages at the end. 

You can also follow the instructions as set forth below.

Now that your TimeMoto device is connected to a power outlet, you will have to connect it to a Wi-Fi network of your choice as follows:

  1. Take a device (laptop, desktop computers with wireless receivers, tablet or smart phone) that is connected to the Wi-Fi of your choice, and bring it close to the TimeMoto device.  
  2. You will notice that the TimeMoto device displays “TimeMoto-” followed by six digits (e.g. “TimeMoto-123456”). This is the name of TimeMoto device’s hotspot.
  3. Check the list of available wireless networks on your own device. The list should contain the TimeMoto hotspot (e.g. “TimeMoto-123456”).
    How to find the list of available wireless networks:
    - On a laptop or desktop PC, you find the list of available wireless networks in the bottom right of your screen.
    - On a smartphone, you can usually select a network from the wireless network settings of your smartphone.
  4. From the list of available wireless networks, click on the TimeMoto hotspot. You now have connected your own device to the TimeMoto device via its hotspot
Once connected to the TimeMoto hotspot, open a web browser on your device of choice. Now key in the address bar (and not the search bar) the following URL “” and press Enter. This will load the website to guide you through the first time use set-up of your TimeMoto software and device 

First-time use setup

The goal of the first-time set-up is to further configure your TimeMoto clocking device and your TimeMoto software of choice (either PC software or Cloud). 

The first step is to set your language. This will determine in which language the device will be configured. This does not set the language for the TimeMoto PC Software or the TimeMoto Cloud. Click “Next” to proceed.
Select your Language

In the next step, you choose whether you want to use TimeMoto PC Software or TimeMoto Cloud with your TimeMoto clocking device.
Select PC Software or Cloud

You cannot use the device for both TimeMoto PC and TimeMoto Cloud at the same time. 

The next step will help you set up a network connection for your device. In order to transfer data from the device to your PC or Cloud, your device will have to connect either by Wi-Fi or LAN (network cable). Choose how you want to connect your device and click “Next”.
Select Wi-Fi or LAN


If you want connect your device through a Wi-Fi network, you will have to enter the name of the Wi-Fi network and the password. Also, you can indicate if you want to use DHCP. Unless you have a specific reason not to, we advise to use DHCP.

DHCP is a standard tool to assign IP addresses and other network configurations to devices within a network.
Wi-Fi settings


When you select LAN, you will have to insert a network cable connected to the network you want to use into your TimeMoto device. You will then have to indicate if you want to use DHCP. Unless you have a specific reason not to, we advise to use DHCP.
LAN settings

Once you have decided how to connect your device, click “Next”. The TimeMoto device will now restart, with all the settings you have selected during this first-time use setup. Your own device will now reconnect to the network it was previously connected to. Once this is done, click on “Register” in the bottom of the screen to continue with the product registration.
Finishing the setup

You can now register your software. Your device is configured and ready to be used!

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