Device does not connect to the Cloud (TimeMoto Time Clock Systems)

There could be multiple reasons why your device won't connect to our Cloud server.

Open the menu of the device. Select the options [System Settings] > [Communication] > [ADMS]. You should see the following settings:
  • Server mode: ADMS
  • Enable Domain Name: Checked
  • Server Address:
  • Enable Https: Checked
  • Enable Proxy Server: Unchecked

If above settings are present in the device, it could be a network issue causing the connection problem. Press [ESC] on the device to go back one menu. Select [Network]. Check with your IT Administrator if your network settings are correct. Most companies do use a DHCP server to handle the network settings. If your company does not use a DHCP server, your IT Admin can set the correct values for you.
TimeMoto Ethernet screen

If all the settings on the device are correct, it could be a firewall restriction that is blocking traffic from the device to the Internet. By default the device communicates on port 443 (HTTPS port). In some cases, it starts communicating on port 80 (default HTTP port), but switches to HTTPS once the device has contacted our cloud service.

Normally, a firewall should allow traffic on those ports, but because of company policy, the port could be blocked. Also, the device is not allowed to transfer data outside the network. Please contact your IT Admin to allow traffic to and from the device using port 80 and 443.

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