Updating the TM-616 & TM-626 Firmware

Important: This firmware update is only for the TM-616 and TM-626 devices. This firmware update is not for the TM-800 series (TM-818, TM-828, TM-838), TA-8000 series (TA-8010, TA-8015, TA-8020, TA-8025, TA-8030, and TA-8035), or older TA devices (TA-600, TA-800, and TA-900 series). Using the wrong firmware update can cause your time clock to be inoperable. 

If you want to know how to identify your device type, please see the following article:

We have developed a new firmware update for the TimeMoto TM-616 and TM-626 time clock systems. The update includes improvements such as better communication and synchronisation between your time clock system and TimeMoto Cloud and PC Software. 

Checking your current  firmware version

To check your current firmware version, go to the [Menu] > [System Info] > [Firmware Info]. At the top, you will find the firmware version.

Your firmware version

You can also check your device's current firmware version from within the TimeMoto PC Software, if your device is connected by LAN or WiFi. Select [Edit] > [Device], and click on the connected device. In the bottom of the window, you can see the current firmware under "Firmware".

Firmware version in the TimeMoto PC Software

If your device can be updated, click the "Update"-button. A page with the firmware files and these update instructions will open in your web browser.

Download the Firmware Update File

To upgrade your device, you need to install a new firmware file on the device. Please check your model, and click on the related link: 

  • Please click here to download the update file for TimeMoto 616 and save it on your computer.
  • Please click here to download the update file for TimeMoto 626 and save it on your computer.

Extracting and Installing the Update on Your Device

To extract the update, you will be asked for a password. The password corresponds to the first 7 digits of your TimeMoto device's serial number. There are three different ways to check the serial number of the device: 
  1. On the terminal: The serial number is printed on a label on the back of the device. 
  2. On the terminal interface: Open the menu and select “System Info”, then select “Device Info”. 
  3. In TimeMoto Cloud: Open the “Device” section of the settings. The serial number is included in the device details.

After downloading the file, unzip the file.
Right-click the file to see the options to unzip / unpack the file

Once you have extracted the files, you will see a file called emfw.cfg.
File extraction window

Plug a USB drive into your computer. Copy the file emfw.cfg from the unpacked folder on to the USB drive.
Copying the file to the USB drive

Copying the file to the USB drive should take only a few seconds. Click on the USB drive in your window to guarantee that the file has been copied into the root of the USB drive.
Firmware file is successfully copied to the USB drive
Next, plug in the USB drive into the USB port on the side of your TimeMoto time clock system. Open the Menu of the system, and select [System Settings]. Press [OK] to open the system settings.
System Settings in the main menu

In [System Settings],  navigate to [USB Upgrade] and press [OK].
USB Upgrade option in the System Settings

The device will now apply the USB update.
The system prepares and applies the update of the firmware

After the update has been successfully applied, the system has to be rebooted. Press [OK] to reboot the device.
Reboot confirmation after updating the system

After the reboot, the system has been updated!

Checking your current firmware version

To check your firmware version, open the Menu of your time clock system and select [System Info] > [Firmware Info]. At the top, you will find the firmware version.

If the firmware version is changed to Ver 3.6, you have successfully updated your software.
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