Using Projects

If you have created Projects in the TimeMoto PC / PC Plus Software or the TimeMoto Cloud, employees can use those to clock their work time on specific projects. In this article, we explain how to clock work time with Projects on the TimeMoto devices.

Clocking under a Project

If a user wants to clock their work time under a Project, they can select the Project on the device:

  • The user clocks their attendance as usual. 
  • The device screen shows you the clocking status you will clock in on. Press the [^]-button on the device.
  • You will see the menu in which you can select your clocking state. Use the arrow keys to navigate to the option “Projects”. Press [OK] to confirm.

You will now see the Projects available on the device. Select the project you want to clock in, and press [OK]. You will now be clocked in under that Project.

Switching Projects

If an employee wants to switch Projects during the day, they simply have to repeat the procedure above and select the new Project. They do not have to first clock out. Once they clock in under a new Project, their work time ends under the previous Project and starts under the new one. 

Requiring Projects when clocking

If you want users to always have to clock in under a Project, you can set the TimeMoto device to require a user to select a Project when clocking in:

  • Open the [Menu] on the TimeMoto device.
  • Select [Project Management] > [Project Options].
  • Select “Project Required” and press [OK]. A check mark appears in the box behind the option, showing that this option is now active.
  • Press [ESC] multiple times to return to the main screen.

When a user now clocks in on the device, the Project selection screen will automatically show up. The user then has to select a Project from the list to clock in.

Important: when your device uses a firmware version of 2.4 or lower, users will also have to select a Project when clocking out. Starting with firmware version 3.0, users only have to select a Project when clocking in. If you want to learn more about updating your firmware, please follow one of the following links:

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