When pressing the [Menu]-button, the screen shows “Identify”. What do I have to do?

Once a user with Supervisor privileges has been synchronized to the time clock system, you can no longer open the system’s menu by just pressing [Menu]. You will have to identify as a Supervisor to have access to the menu. The system will show “Identify” on the screen.

Depending on your system, you can identify yourself as a Supervisor in one of the following ways:

  • By using the ID and PIN of the Supervisor (all TM time clock systems)
  • By using the RFID card / badge registered to the Supervisor (all TM time clock systems)
  • By fingerprint registered for the Supervisor (TM-626, TM-828)
  • By face registered for the Supervisor (TM-838 only)

Where to find ID and PIN

Users will always have an ID and PIN which they can use to clock their attendance. Supervisors can use these also to log in to the system’s menu. You can find the ID and PIN in the user information in the PC / PC Plus Software and Cloud.

TimeMoto PC / PC Plus Software

In the PC Software, select [Edit] > [User]. Select the user, and click “Edit”. Then, select the tab “System data”.

Under “User ID”, you see the user’s ID. Press on “Change Password” to see the PIN set for the user.

Important: a Supervisor cannot change the password / PIN of another Supervisor. You need to be logged in as the correct Supervisor to change the password.

TimeMoto Cloud

In the TimeMoto Cloud, select [Settings] > [Users]. There, select the user you want to check the ID and PIN for. Then, select on the left [TA device]. You can then check the ID and PIN under the respective fields.
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