Cannot Connect to Wi-Fi (TimeMoto Time Clock Systems)

If you have problems connecting your TimeMoto device to your Wi-Fi network, we offer a Wi-Fi recovery manual. In this manual, we explain how you can check and fix your device's network connection. You can download the guide by clicking on the following link: click here to download the manual.

If, after following the steps in the guide linked above, your device is still unable to connect with your wi-fi network, this might be related to settings on your router or modem. Please check the following settings on your wi-fi router or modem:

  • Confirm that the wi-fi network is using a frequency of 2,4 GHz. 
  • Confirm that the broadcast channel of your wi-fi network is set to a channel of 10 or lower. 

If necessary, change the above-mentioned settings on your wi-fi router or modem in order to connect your TimeMoto device to your wi-fi network. 


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