Changing a work schedule during the year (TimeMoto PC Software)

If an employee changes shifts during the year, it might be necessary to change his or hers work schedule.

To accomplish this, the internal calculation of the old and the new work schedule must be changed correctly. The changes should be make within work schedule and planning modules.

Please Note: This is only possible if your employee is using a classic work schedule using an ''In and Out'' timetable. If the employee is using a flexible work schedule, this option is not possible.
Having the old and new Work Schedule

In this example, the employee will change the work schedule starting the 1st of August.
Old Work Schedule of the Employee

Representing in the Report

The employee works 40 hours a week until the 1st of august.
New Work Schedule of the Employee

Representing in the Report

The employee will change their work schedule to a 32.5 hour week.

Go to the [User] section and select the employee whose work schedule you want to change.

Changing the Work schedule in the User Area
In the work schedule section you can switch between the old and the new work schedule.

Saving the new Work Schedule in the User Profile
After saving the data, go to the planning module.
Planning shows the new Work Schedule in place

The new work schedule will now start from the 1st of January. 

Old Workschedule with Deplan Schedule

On the right hand side, you will need to create 2 new Time plans; One with the work code [Deplan], and insert “00:00-23:59” under Time plan. You can choose the name yourself.
Edit odl WOrkschedule

The second one, we will create the Time plan “Old”, using the work code “Planned” and edit this Time Plan.
Enter the data of the old Work Schedule

A window will pop up. You will see the same options and encounter the same field shown when creating a work schedule in the work schedule tab. Fill in the data that was used for the old work schedule.

Drag the Deplan option to the planning area

Select the period from the 1st of January until the 31st of July. Drag over the time plan created to the selected area shown above.

Confirmation of adding the deplan option into the planning

You will get a summary of the data that is going to be “deplaned” from the work schedule.

Period is deplanned
You will see that the period has been “deplaned” and is marked yellow. The work schedule does not apply anymore to the selected period.

No more Hours as scheduled in the report until the 31st of July

Please do the same for the Time Plan where it states “Planned”.

Drag the old Work Schedule to the planning area

You will get a summary similar to the first time plan. This time, work code “Planned” is shown.

Confirmation of adding the old Work Schedule to the planning

Over the Period from the 1st of January until the 31st of July, the old work schedule applies. Starting from the 1st of August, the new work schedule will apply.

Period has the old Work Schedule in place

In the report section you will now see the change to the rostered hours for the Employee.

Until the 31st of july, the old Work Schedule is in place. starting from the 1st of august the new Work Schedule starts.

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