Closing the year (TimeMoto PC Plus Software)

In order to transfer overtime and remaining vacation days to the current year, you need to close the previous year in the software.
Before you close the year, make sure that the previous year is complete and you do not need to make any further corrections in it. Once the year has been closed, you cannot make any further adjustments to it.
 For this reason it is advisable to create a backup before you close the year which will enable you to return to the previous year data should you require it.
You can close the year under [Files] > [Preferences]. There, click on "Close Year" to close the year.
Click on "Close Year" to start closing the year.

The software will prompt you to print an overview of all the overtime and remaining vacation hours being transferred to the current year. Please print this overview.
Afterwards, you are once more prompted to confirm the closure of the year. Confirm this by clicking "Yes".

The previous year is now closed, and all overtime and remaining vacation days/hours are transferred to the current year.

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