Connection issues with the time clock device (TimeMoto PC Software)

If you are having issues connecting your device to the software, check the following steps:
Is the device still connected to your network?

Depending on your network situation, your device might have lost its connection to it. If you have your device connected by LAN cable, check if the cable is still correctly plugged in. If the device is connected by WiFi, check if the device is still connected to your wireless network. You can check this on the device in the menu under [System Settings] > [Communication] > [WiFi].

Have the connection settings changed?
Especially if DHCP is enabled on your device, your device might have received a new IP address. Go into the menu of your device, and select [System Settings] > [Communication] > [WiFi] or [Ethernet]. Check if the IP address there is the same as in your software. If that is not the case, adjust the IP address in your software accordingly.

Checking the communication key
It is possible to set a communication key in the device. This communication key then also needs to be set in the software.
You can find the device's communication key in the device. Open the [Menu], and select [System Settings] > [Communication] > [PC Connection]. There, you can see the device's communication key. By default, this is set to 0. If it is set to anything else, you will need to add the communication key in the PC Software.

In the Software, select [Edit] > [Device]. There, check your device and see which communication key has been set. If it is not the correct communication key, double-click the device and change the communication key. Click on [OK] to save your changes.

Here you can change your communication key.

Check your own network settings
Depending on your own network, it is possible that things like a firewall or anti-virus program can block the device's communication with your PC. Ask your IT Administrator to check your network settings, and make sure nothing is blocking the connection from the device.
In many cases, opening port 4370 already helps with this issue. Ask your IT Administrator to open this port.

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