How do I change my login credentials for the PC Software?

When you have one or more users set as Supervisor in the PC / PC Plus Software, you will be prompted by a log-in window every time you start the software. Here, you can log in using the username and password of a Supervisor.

You find the username and password of Supervisors in the PC / PC Plus Software under [Edit] > [Users]. Select a Supervisor. In the column “User name” you find the username. Click on the tab “System data”, and then further below on “Edit”. Under “Change Password” you can see and set the Supervisor password. Click on “Save” to change your changes.

Important: a Supervisor cannot change the password of another Supervisor. You need to be logged in as the correct Supervisor to change the password. 

Alternatively, you can log in with your registered e-mail address and license key. When you log in with these, you can edit every Supervisor’s password. 
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