Managing bank holidays (TimeMoto PC Plus Software)

If you use the TimeMoto PC Plus Software, you can manage bank holidays under [Edit] > [Planning].

Loading Bank Holidays
If you want to load the default bank holidays for your region, click on “Load holidays” on the right. Select your region, and which project code you want to use for these. We advise to use the default “Bank Holiday” project code as suggested by the software. Press OK to confirm.

Here you can select which bank holidays to load

The software will now load the default bank holidays.

Removing / Adding Bank Holidays
If you want to change the bank holidays, you can also do so under [Edit] > [Planning]. Select “View grid” on the right and make a selection on the left under “Planning type”. Finally, under “Planning mode”, select “All”.

Here you can edit your bank holidays

If you want to remove a bank holiday, right-click the day and select “Delete”. Confirm the removal by clicking “Yes”. The bank holiday is now removed.

If you want to add a bank holiday, right-click on the day and select “Add new”. Click on “Absence” in the new window. Under “Project”, select “Bank holiday”. Click on OK. The new bank holiday is now added.  

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