Managing overtime (TimeMoto PC Plus)

Over the year, your employees may accumulate overtime hours. The “Amend”-function of the software allows you to manage these hours.
Select [Edit] > [Users] in the Software.

The user settings

There, select a user and click on “Amend” in the bottom of the window.
The "Amend"-button

A new window will open. In this window, you can add or deduct overtime.
The overtime amendment window

You can select a type of amendment:

Paid hours: the hours are deduced from the overtime balance, they are shown as “paid hours” on the report.
Vacation hours: the hours are deduced from the overtime balance and added to the vacation balance.
Other hours: the hours are deducted from the overtime balance. You can enter a remark to give more details on the report.

Click on [OK] when finished.

Tip: if you want to add hours instead of deducting, place a minus (-) sign before the amount of hours.
The confirmation window

A window will appear, prompting you to confirm your choice.
On the bottom of the user's Report, you always find a summary of all amendments made on dates of that month.
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