"Period" report in the TimeMoto PC Software

The Period report in the TimeMoto PC Software gives you a view of the worked hours for a given period for one line per user.
The Period report

It summarises the working time over a given period of time. It also shows the amount of time worked on a daily base.
Clocking errors shown in the "Remark" column.

If your employee has forgotten to clock in/out or made a mistake while clocking, the software will show "Incorrect Clocking" under the "Remark" column. You can correct clockings under [Edit] > [Clock], or (if you use the TimeMoto PC Plus Software) under [Edit] > [Clock Grid].
The buttons to mail, export, or print the report

In the top right-hand corner, you have options to either export, e-mail or print the shown data. You can export the data either as a CSV or Excel file.
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