Projects (TimeMoto PC Software)

Projects are a key element of the TM+ software, and they can be used for several different purposes. They can be used to specify time spent on specific projects but are also used in absence registration.

The software has some pre-defined standard work codes. These can be edited and customised to suit your own needs when required.
Projects in the TM+ Software

To add another work code, click on the “add” button located on the top right of the page and a window will pop-up.
Button to create new Projects

A new screen will pop up, where you can enter the data of the new Project you are about to create.
Schreen to add a new project in the TM+ Software

Work code: This is the work code ID, it is not necessary to change it but it is possible to change it (e.g to reflect an account or job number).
Name: The name of the work code (this field is mandatory).
Description: The description of the work code (this field is mandatory).
Work code type: There are several different work code types. The impact they have on the counting of hours varies from type to type. This will be explained in detail in the “planning options” section. When creating regular work codes, use ‘Scheduled time’.
Regular out: Allows the software to understand the work code has been used to indicate the end of the day.
Colour: Change the colour of the work code in the planning and the Clock grid.

To sum up: when creating a regular work code: fill-in the name, the description and choose a colour.

Planning options

There are 7 different types of work codes, which all have a different impact on the calculations in the software.

Scheduled time: Regular working hours.
Assignment time: Can be used for assignment to projects. Calculated as normal hours. Can be filtered in the planning screen.
Vacation time: The hours of the existing work schedule of the user are converted into vacation hours, they are deducted from the vacation hours total.
Planned vacation time: To be used to enter vacations for users without regular work schedules.
Holiday time: National holidays, reported as paid days.
Unplanned time: Cancel an existing work schedule. It is possible to add Scheduled time or Assignment time over Unplanned time.
Sick: Work code type for sick leave, reported as paid time.

If you want to add Vacation in Days, please have a look at the other article in the Support Center.
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