Setting up Your Preferences

Under File > Preferences you can view and edit the following program Settings:


Use the Region settings to match the software to your regional standards for week numbering and to set the language of the menu. Learn more about week numbering. The week numbering system depends on your region or company policy. The most common is the International Standard ISO 8601, with Monday as the first day of the week. Other systems have Sunday as the first day (US) or Saturday (Islamic). Week 1 of the year is defined in the software by the selected date to include that week. ISO 8601 defines Week 1 as the week that contains January 4.

Region settings


Under Actions, you can choose to close the year. The "Close year" action allows the transfer of all overtime and vacation hours from the previous year to the current year. After clicking on "Close year," the software will generate a report of the modifications.

Actions settings


Under Clock, you can edit the time settings for double clocking prevention and rounding. The software prevents duplicate entries from the same employee by blocking a second clocking action during the set time.

Furthermore, here you can set the time interval for rounding. Set a feature to None if you want to disable it. Learn more about the time interval for rounding. The set time interval determines how the software rounds incoming timestamps to the nearest option. For example, with a time interval of 15 minutes: If an employee clocks in at 8:07, the system will round down and register a time entry at 8:00. If the employee had clocked in a minute later at 8:08, the system would have rounded up to 8:15.

Clock settings


Here you can choose to manage vacation in hours or in days.

Vacation settings

Back up

Under Back up, it is possible to create a backup file of your data. This backup can be done manually or automatically.

Back up settings

In/Out translation

This section is not applicable for TimeMoto terminals.
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