The software does not accept my license information (TimeMoto PC Software)

You have entered your license details in the PC Software, but are unable to activate your license. In most cases, this issue is easy to resolve. 

If you try to enter your license information, but you are unable to click “Accept License”, please check the following solutions:

  • Did you enter the correct e-mail address? Your license key is linked to a specific e-mail address. Check if you have entered the correct e-mail address. Also, check if there are no empty spaces before or after the e-mail address.
  • Are you trying to activate a TA / TA+ or TimeMoto PC / PC Plus license? A license key for the TA / TA+ Software will not be accepted by the TimeMoto PC / PC Plus Software, and vice versa. Make sure that you enter a license key that will be accepted by the software you have installed.
  • Double-check the entered license key. Some symbols / characters can look very similar. Make sure that you have not accidently entered an O instead of an 0 (zero), or a 1 instead of an I (capital i). You can also copy the license key from the web site / e-mail, and paste it into the license key field in the software.
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