User privileges (TimeMoto PC Software)

The user privilege defines the options a user has in the software. You can set user privileges in the PC Software under [Edit] > [User]. Select a user, and click on “Edit”. Then, select the tab “System data”. Under “Privilege”, you can select a user’s privilege. Click on “Save” to save any changes made.

Setting the user privileges

The software knows two different user privileges:

  • Users are regular users that you create for regular employees. Users can only access their own clockings and reports. They cannot make any changes to any data, or add any new data. 
  • Supervisors are users who manage the software and device. Supervisors can add and change data in the software and device. 

We advise to have at least one Supervisor. Also, before setting a Supervisor, click on “Change password” to set a password for the Supervisor. Once a Supervisor is set in the software, you will have to log in to the software the next time you start it. You can find more information about this in the following article:

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