Clock using the Timer in TimeMoto Cloud

WIth the TImeMoto Time you can clock your hours in any internet browser. To be able to use the TImer, you need to be authorized of Mobile clocking in the user profile.

To authorize a user to use the Timer, please visit the following article , Grand access to the Timer function.

If the authorization is set correctly, you will see the Timer on each screen of TimeMoto Cloud on the top right corner, next to your name.
Timer function on the top right corner

When clicking on it, a drop down item is shown, where you either can start your time or stop you time. it is also possible to review your current time, you have worked so far.
The drop down item of the Time function

When you start or stop working, TimeMoto Cloud want to know your location. Depending on your company policy, allow or block the request.
Location pop up message.

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