Planning a vacation day (TimeMoto PC Plus)

Go to the Planning Module of the TimeMoto PC Plus Software.

Administrator Workschedule in Planning

In the above example we have an Employee wo has to work 36 hours a week ( 4 x 8 hours from Monday until Thursday and on Friday 4 hours ). The policy of the above is, that on Friday it always counts as a half day off, if the employee want to have vacation.
Week Selected

Select the days the employee wants to have vacation and press the right mouse on the selected area to see the drop down menu:
Add a new Item into the planning

You must go to the "Absence" tab (1) in order to select "Vacation" (2)  and set the "Effective Days" (3) that has to be substracted from the vacation balance.
Add amount of Days.

The periode will be booked as vacation and there will be a small summary, how many days this period will count:
Vacation days added and visible in Planning.

On the Report, you will notice that all the working hours from the workschedule has been converted to vacation and also see a small summary of how many days will be subtracted. In the header of the Report you will see those values too.
Vacation visible in Report

If you have filled in a vacation period by mistake, you can delete those records easily by right mouse click in the Planning module and select the "Delete" option for the vacation time:
Delete Vacation by right click in Planning.
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